Grand Inoko Festa:A 1.5 ton of gigantic rock will  be floating in the air!

Grand Inoko Festa

A 1.5 tonnes of gigantic rock will be floating in the air!

88 bamboo poles will lift 1.5 tonnes of gigantic rock in the air bouncing the rock, and praying for prosperity.


Nov.4 (Sat.) and Nov.5 (Sun.), 2023 Rain or shine.


Main Venue: Fukuromachi Park
Inoko Parade : Shopping Arcades of Hondori and Kinzagai


Nov. 4 (Sat.)
Inoko Parade (in hon-dori) 11:00 am
'OOINOKO' (stone up) 3:00 pm
Omote-Syukusai (ritual dedication)6:30 pm

Nov. 5(Sun.)
'OOINOKO' (stone up) 1:00 pm
'Oneri' Parade (in hon-dori) 5:40 pm
Ura-Syukusai (ritual dedication) 6:00 pm
Tsunakiri (grandfinale) 7:30 pm

Parking is limited. Visitors are encouraged to use nearby parking or public transportation.

Feature of the Festa

Inoko-Installation called ‘Isurugi’ (a bouncing stone):

The creation of the community art which is a feature of this Festa


Fukuromachi Park


Set up 88 thirteen-meter (43ft.) high bamboo poles on the circumference of a 20-meter(65ft.)-diameters circle.
Attach ropes on the tip of each bamboo pole, and wind around the rock as the core. Pulling the other side of the ropes will haul the rock into the air by the force of the bamboo poles.
Finally, do Inoko with the gigantic rock symbolizing an inokoishi.
‘Do inoko’ = bounce the stone on and off the ground
(Designer of the installation: ISHIMARU, Katsuzo)